Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My most worthy friends ...

I think, as yet, my favorite scene in this play is the banquet.

It begins, in a certain respect triumphant, and full of hubris. Of course, I can speak in regards to Mac. I can't speak to what the lords at the table might or might not be thinking. Ideally they will be thinking different things each. But Mac himself has finally made it to the top. And apart from that, the being he most did fear has been all but annihilated. There is reason to indeed applaud the deed. But before long all the tables are upset, all peace gets rancoured, ghosts push the living off their stools, and blood will have blood. This is an insanely precise little triangle of beggining through to end, and the end is wicked, pathetic, and tragic in the same element. The individual who was near perfect, or atleast had estimation of being so, is broken into the hands of fate, each of his limbs tied to a string. Thats obviously not something to play, but as an image, the sense of ones finity, or moeity, is useful. The oppression of the gods can be palpable...huh? Yeah sure.

Anyway, story time. One of the maintenance guys at work was caught recently drinking, no, more acurately, drunk on the job. Seems a responsible individual, and cheerful, but bloody hell, what was he thinking. Damn. Pretty stupid I have to say. Well, of course I won't judge, I don't know his entire situation. He and I, we have some rapport. We chum. He came in to the office as I happened to be sitting at the front desk, and he told me in a whisper about the situation. I said to him, dude, that's crazy, I'm sure you won't be fired, but don't expect not to get your knuckles rapped. Here's the interesting part, he looked at me, said was anybody asking about him, did any rumours go around? I said I hadn't heard anything, and this was true, I really hadn't and, that this was in fact the first I'd heard about it. I think that was the extent of the conversation, as one of our managers walked passed that moment and called him into the conference room. Well, it'll be a shame, if he gets the Cassio treatment. Stupid fuck. I saw him through the conference room window, the picture of explanation.

But his questing expression as he asked about the rumours. Here's a guy who seems cool enough in any mud, but this was no mud, this was shit he was wading in, and his cool was way superficial. I felt an energy in his questions, and his stare at me. He was not trusting anything. There was fear and doubts mixed.

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